Details About Nathan Fake’s Album

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A month ago we heard Iceani Strings, the first extract from Nathan Fake’s new album for Border Community; today, we bring you some new details about the album. Unlike “Drowning In A Sea of Love” (BC, 2006) and “Hard Islands” (BC, 2009) - two significantly different, polarised albums - on “Steam Days” the Norfolk producer has made the different sides of his sound spectrum converge. As a result, he has obtained an album with a vocation for integration that can be understood as a fusion of the previous works mentioned above.

In recent declarations, Fake explained that the album is inspired by his childhood in the rural town of Necton, while the title refers to “everything that's gone on in [his] head for the past two years." The press release also explains that the album was recorded using a variety of analogue techniques, and that single live takes predominate. To be able to listen to it in its entirety, we will have to wait until 27th August.


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