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Listen to all of double CD, “Elementals”

Between the end of 2011 and the beginning of this year, obscure electronic duo Demdike Stare has released a series of four EPs under the title of “Elemental”. Thinking of those who didn’t manage to get their hands on them, whether because they aren’t vinyl consumers or because they didn’t get there in time (they were all limited editions that sold out), Modern Love has just compiled them in the form of a double CD. The release also has the added value of including alternative versions of some of the songs included on the EPs, as well as additional unreleased material, making it a real treat for people who like to have it all. In short, a 2 hour post-industrial abyss that you can take home with you as of 21st February. Before you decide whether to pass go and pay the price, have a listen.

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