New 7” And Deluxe Edition Of St. Vincent's “Strange Mercy”

Two new tracks on the vinyl single

St. Vincent have news for three reasons. First, on 10th April, their 4AD Session will be out, exclusively available through iTunes and featuring live versions of “ Chloe In The Afternoon”, “ Surgeon”, Strange Mercy”, "Cheerleader” and “ Year Of The Tiger”. Second, on 21st April, Record Store Day, 4AD is releasing an exclusive 7” on red vinyl featuring two previously unreleased songs: KROKODIL” and “GROT”. And third, on 8th May, “Stranger Mercy” will arrive in stores, the deluxe edition of “ Stange Mercy” (4AD, 2011). Besides the album, of course, it features a DVD of the 4AD Session and the videos for “ Cruel” and “ Cheerleader”. Take your pick.

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