Dead-Cert Kicks Off By Reissuing Suzanne Ciani

The Pre-Cert Home Entertainment subsidiary releases the Italo-American pioneer's first album

Dead-Cert is the new sub-label of Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, the platform directed by Demdike Stare and Andy Votel. Parallel to the mother label, the new division will focus on the early days of electronic music, recovering and promoting “vintage outsider music, sound sculpture, spoken word, ethnological documents, Art-Trash, early computer music, Neotantrik music, tape manipulation, non-pop and vinyl voyeurism.” Dead-Cert will be reissuing original material from those days, rather than recreating those sounds.

The first title, released in collaboration with Finders Keepers, is the very rare first album by electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani, Voices Of Packaged Souls”. Ciani is an Italian-American pianist, keyboardist and composer who started experimenting with modular synthesisers in the seventies. One of her sound sculptures, made alongside Harold Paris, was presented in a Brussels art gallery in 1970. For the installation, Ciani recorded “Voices Of Packaged Souls” as a sound accessory, of which only 50 LP copies were pressed at the time, which made it a highly collectible and almost impossible-to-find record. The album will be out on 21st May on vinyl only, in a limited edition of 1000 screen-printed copies.


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