Damien Jurado album stream

Listen to his new album, “Maraqopa”

On 21st February, Secretly Canadian will release the new album by folk troubadour Damien Jurado, “Maraqopa”. It is once again produced by his right hand man Richard Swift, with whom he already worked closely on his previous effort, “St. Bartlett”. Courtesy of the label and The A.V. Club, we can now listen to the entire album. Continuing on the path of its predecessor, the LP features a brilliant sounding Jurado - more expansive, with restrained but pointed arrangements - brighter and more relaxed than we're used to with this man, who is usually so melancholic. There are flashes of Bossa Nova, fifties Rock`n`Roll, Spector-like textures and a dash of Psychedelia on some Folky tracks that seem to connect the dots between several stages of his career - from the less minimalist and dry moments of “Ghost Of David” to the sophisticated background vocals of “Caught In The Trees”.


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