Miasmah Compiles The Material Composed By Kreng For The Abattoir Fermé Theatre Company

Box set of five records available at the beginning of October

Whoever has been following the footsteps of Pepijn Caudron, alias Kreng, will know about his collaboration with the famed Belgian director Stef Lernous and his avant-garde theatre company Abattoir Fermé. Aside from his albums as Kreng - dark landscapes drawing on dark ambient, contemporary jazz, musique concrète, more restrained doom, faded techno and classical music with a hauntology core - Caudron has been writing the music for the company’s works for years. Also in recent times, Kreng has performed live with the visual accompaniment of a silent film that is at times dreamy, at times tremendously disturbing, also thought up by Abattoir Fermé. It was to be expected that sooner or later, someone would want to release all of the work that Caudron has been writing and recording for the theatre.

The label in charge will be Miasmah and the material will arrive in the form of a box set with the explanatory title of “Works for Abattoir Fermé: 2007 – 2011”. There will be a total of five records - four LPs with music composed for Abbattoir Fermé theatre projects and one 10” with the music that Caudron wrote for the television show “Monster”. Although some passages were later used in pieces included in Kreng’s two albums to date, 90% of the material included in the box hasn’t been released before and has only been enjoyed by those who went to see performances of one of the four productions on which Caudron collaborated. The release will be available starting on 5th October.

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