Kode9 Collaborator The Spaceape Gives Away His First Solo EP

The effort boasts seven short pieces inspired by the spirit of Haitian music

We can finally give a context to the intriguing message from The Spaceape a few weeks ago. The tribal track he released at the time, “On The Run” , turned out to be part of “Xorcism”, his first solo EP. The release holds seven short, dark, hypnotic and intense tracks inspired by the spirit of traditional Haitian music; in fact, several of the tunes feature voodoo percussion.

Both the title of the EP and the material on it are marked by a rather unpleasant personal experience: the strange form of cancer (neurolymphamatosis) our man has been suffering with for the past three years, which he also talked about on Kode9's most recent album, “Black Sun” (Hyperdub, 2011). Apparently his treatment is still going on, so we would like to wish him well.

One final detail: Hyperdub is offering up the EP for free download. You can get it from here, or through the widget below.

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