Coki Has His New Material For DMZ Ready

The producer follows up “Don’t Get It Twisted” with the second volume

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Coki is back. Mala’s partner in Digital Mystikz hasn’t been wasting time while his mate was in Cuba designing his next album. Left to his own devices, Coki is less mystical than Mala, but just as overwhelming. He already showed it in his last EP for his label DMZ, “Don’t Get It Twisted Vol. 1”, which he is now following up with a second volume. It will contain four songs and we will be able to add it to our collection at the end of the month of August. We can already listen to clips of two of the four cuts, which we’ll leave for you after the jump. The rest of the details regarding “Don’t Get It Twisted Vol. 2” can be found to the right of these lines.

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