Clinic Announce A New Album, “Free Reign”, To Go On Sale 12th November

The work, released by Domino, was mixed by Daniel Lopatin

Clinic are getting ready to come back on 12th November with what will be their seventh album, “Free Reign”, released by Domino Records. The band itself did the production and the mixing was handled by Daniel Lopatin, better known for his work as Oneohtrix Point Never. According to the press release, the band’s trademarks (warm, atmospheric instrumentation, a surreal element to their lyrics…) will not only continue to be present in this work, but have even been perfected. The LP doesn’t turn its back on its predecessor, “ Bubblegum” (Domino, 2010), nor does it seek to revisit it exactly, but rather it “incorporates the simple, childlike melodies and spacious nature of the former whilst being at the same time as powerful, visceral and rhythmically charged as anything the band have ever recorded”.

The album will be available for purchase as a CD, record, digital download, or what is described as a UFO format, that is to say, a "glow-in-the-dark flying [Frisbee] disc" that will have a code for downloading the songs. Underneath these lines, you will find a sampler of the album.

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