Clams Casino Gives Away More Instrumentals

Download seven new beats from the New Jersey musician

As you will remember, a couple of weeks ago Clams Casino put the second volume of his renowned series “Instrumental Mixtape” into circulation. Yesterday, the beat-maker shared a new bunch of instrumentals on Twitter, which he himself labelled as “B-sides”, we imagine in reference to his last release. Among the seven cuts are productions for Mac Miller, Sha Stimuli and Havoc, as well as usual suspects like Squadda B and Lil B. Listen and download all of the beats after the jump.

Clams Casino - 1 Time Remix (Lil B)

Clams Casino - Never Understand (Squadda B)

Clams Casino - Always Have a Choice (Havoc)

Clams Casino - 23 Dollars" (Sha Stimuli)

Clams Casino - Cold Feet (Mac Miller):

Clams Casino - Coldness (Sha Stimuli)

Clams Casino - Live From Da Hood (Lil B)


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