Christina Vantzou

“No. 1”, coming-out on Kranky

You might know Christina Vantzou for her work as half of The Dead Texan, the audio-visual project she does with Stars Of The Lid's Adam Wiltzie. Until recently, the visual arts (video, film and illustration, mostly) have been Vantzou's main means of expressing herself, though her interest in music has always been present in her work. Early this year, the Texan made her solo debut with “11 Generations Of My Fathers”, a delicate piece of pianos, organs and synthetic textures Ghostly put on its compilation “SMM: Context”. The second chapter of her discography will be her album debut. Kranky, The Dead Texan's label, will release “No. 1” on the 24th of October. Vantzou says that “No. 1” is an album and a film soundtrack at the same time. A real film, made at the same time as the music, which will soon be released on DVD. The album, made with synthesiser, vocals and samples - reinforced with strings, brass, clarinet and flute, thanks to the collaboration of Minna Choi from the Magik*Magik Orchestra - holds ten songs between weightless ambient and neo-classical, melancholic instrumentals. Fans of Max Richter, Stars Of The Lid and A Winged Victory For The Sullen won't be disappointed.

Christina Vantzou - 11 Generations Of My Fathers by ghostly Christina Vantzou - Super Interlude Pt. 2 by Fluid Radio

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