Christian Naujoks presents “True Life/In Flames”

New chamber minimalism on Dial

Christian Naujoks has always been the odd one out. His sound is classic - among a group of eccentrics dedicated to, primarily, electronic dance music. His compositions are closer to classic minimalism and chamber pop than to any kind of club music, but that doesn't seem to bother the people of Dial. The Hamburg label released his debut album three years ago, and they're getting ready for his second LP, at the end of February. While on his first, his classical education could already be notably sensed - channelled through the influences of dodecaphony and repetitive minimalism - on this “True Life/In Flames”, Naujocks moves away completely from electronica. Instead classical, acoustic forms take the centre stage. Recorded at the Laiszhalle Philharmony in Hamburg, it is made entirely on Naujoks' piano and Martin Krause's marimba, with the addition of Naujoks' own vocal contributions. The album moves between delicate compositions, evoking images of tranquillity and distance. Listen to extracts of the tracks below.

christian naujoks - true life in flames (album preview) by experimedia

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