Chocolate Industries present:

Personal Space. Electronic Soul 1974 -1984

After spending some time in preparation, Chicago label Chocolate Industries returns to action with a new exercise in excavation. Early April, they'll release “Personal Space. Electronic Soul 1974 -1984”, a compilation documenting some of the first experiments with electronic soul at the end of the seventies (which ran parallel with the emergence of the first home studios). Commissioned by untiring funk digger Dante Carfagna, the collection presents a sound that embraces the emotional DNA of soul and wraps it in rudimentary electronica, galactic synthesisers and weightless rhythms. It charts the intrepid spirit of a group of artists who - with few means but a lot of good will - explore the less visited, yet remarkable corners of black American music. The record will be released both on vinyl and CD, with artwork made using photos by NASA astronaut Donald Pettit.

The Makers - Don't Challenge Me by Chocolateindustries

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