Captured Tracks Prepares A For Against Box Set

A reissue of their first two albums and the ten-inch “In The Marshes”

Captured Tracks is ceaseless in its efforts to introduce the semi-unknown bands of the late 80s and early 90s to new generations, or to re-issue the old-guard material of the groups that marked their youth. Their latest work of musical archaeology is with For Against, a post-punk and embryonic shoegaze band with solid, repetitive rhythms, dark atmospheres, and guitars somewhere between sharp and ambient, always hypnotic; in their early days, they might remind one of Joy Division or P.I.L. Over time, the sound of Harry Dingman III (guitars), Jeffrey Runnings (bass, vocals), Greg Hill (percussion) evolved and became refined into a chiaroscuros pop, with guitars that were at times crystalline and at times noisy or atmospheric. They combined the cold aesthetic of Factory Records with the sound imagination of early REM.

On 25th September, the Brooklyn label will release a box set with their first two albums - “Echelons” (IPR, 1987) and “December” (IPR, 1988) - and the 10-inch “ In The Marshes” (IPR, 1990). The records, unlisted for over two decades, will be accompanied by a booklet and other collectibles.

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