Can’s "The Lost Tapes" Out On Vinyl Too

The set of five LPs will be out this coming 4th December

Last June, “ Can: The Lost Tapes” (Spoon/Mute, 2012) came out, a set of three CDs presented in a 10” box (made to look like reel-to-reel tapes), containing unreleased material by Can discovered by accident when the band’s old studio in Weilerswist was sold and the files were moved to the German Rock N Pop Museum. This collection, acclaimed as one of the best anthologies so far this year, will soon be out on vinyl as well.

The pack of five 180-gram LPs will be available starting 4th December. It will come with a poster and a special 24-page booklet with notes by Irmin Schmidt and Ian Harrison. We remind you that what can be heard on "The Lost Tapes" are recordings made between 1968 and 1977, songs that are practically finished but which didn’t come out because they didn’t fit on albums or because they formed a part of film soundtracks that were never released. Those who want to add the item to their collection can reserve their copy already through this link

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