Calvin Harris And Erick Morillo On Dizzee Rascal's New Album

The British MC reveals details about his new effort

After taking a year off, Dizzee Rascal will release his fifth studio album, untitled as of yet, some time this year. According to The Sun, the sulphuric British MC confirmed having called upon the increasingly sought-after Calvin Harris for the production of the LP. Rascal also said that one of the tracks will be produced by American house producer Erick Morillo, which, in the words of the Dizzee himself, “should be this album's 'Bonkers'.” The American influence doesn't stop with Morillo, because, due to his moving to Miami, the rapper says he's been getting to know a lot of American producers, who will be on the album as well. We'll know soon enough how those new friendships have influenced the Londoner's sound.

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