Bureau B Reissues Der Plan

The German label recovers the influential band’s first two albums

After Kluster and Conrad Schnitzler, Bureau B continues to dig into the foundations of German electronica, this time reissuing the first two albums by Der Plan. Founded in 1979 by Frank Fenstermacher, Moritz R, Robert Görl and Chrislo Haas, the group is regarded as one of the big pioneers of Neue Deutsche Welle, which in its early years, before it went downhill, harvested a good fistful of historical works. With Geri Reig” (Ata Tak, 1980), their first effort, they revolutionised synth-pop with a sound that combined minimalism and experimentation with a mischievous outlook on things, not without a sense of humour. That sparkling spirit was even clearer on Normalette Surprise” (Ata Tak, 1981), their second full-length. Both reissues are scheduled for 27th July on vinyl and CD with bonus tracks. Listen to a brief extract of both releases, after the jump.


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