Bruce Haack Remixed

“Bruce Haack Remixes” out now on Stones Throw

At the end of 2010, Stones Throw took us by surprise with the release of “ The Electric Voice”, an anthology of the vocoder works by electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack. In the wake of that record, the LA label is now releasing Bruce Haack Remixes”, on which eight contemporary artists reshape eight Haack compositions, most of them from the album Electric Lucifer” (Columbia/ 70). Among the remixers are Stones Throw champions like James Pants, PB Wolf, The Stepkids and Jonwayne, and people who are close to the label, such as Samiyam and Prince Language (whose remix of Party Machine” was already used for the anthological promo video for “The Electric Voice”) . “Bruce Haack Remixes” is out now on vinyl and digital; here we leave you with the tracklist and aforementioned Prince Language remix.

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