Broken Water, In With Hardly Art

“Tempest”, the Olympia trio’s new album, will arrive 29th May

Broken Water have just signed with Hardly Art. On 29th May, the label will put out the Olympia trio’s new album. Since 2009 they have been dedicated to exploring different facets - such as post-punk, no-wave, grunge, and shoegaze - from a pop point of view. Starting from very well known reference points such as Mazzy Star, Black Tambourine, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, the band manages to create a sound that is sufficiently its own, somewhere between translucent noise and pop melody. This can be heard in the advance track “ Drown”, which we will leave you with under these lines. It was recorded alongside nine other songs last winter, and their lyrics claim to be inspired by such diverse things as "Russian punk-rock poets, the ocean, drowning, the Occupy movement, touring, nightmares, dreams, memories; relationships to privilege, substances, and other powers". “Tempest” will reach the shops on 29th May.

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