A Book About Scott Walker

“No Regrets: Writings On Scott Walker” will be published on 17th May

On 17th May, “No Regrets: Writings On Scott Walker ” will be published. It contains a collection of essays on the mythical Scott Walker, selected by the editor-at-large of The Wire, Rob Young. The book, a collaboration between The Wire and publishing house Orion Books, includes texts by people like Derek Walmsley, Biba Kopf, David Stubbs, David Toop, Nina Power, Brian Morton, Damon Krukowski, Ian Penman, Anthony Reynolds and the director of the documentary “Scott Walker: 30 Century Man”, Stephen Kijak. The publication covers the singer's whole life and career, from his releases with The Walker Brothers to his solo work. It also features a transcription of the interview Rob Young had with the legendary singer in 2006, and an extensive article on his body of work, published in The Wire in 1995. There is more info - and the opportunity to pre-order - on the website for Orion Publishing Group.


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