Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Works With Trembling Bells

EP and album out soon on Honest Jon's

A few months ago, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy started a new project alongside Trembling Bells, of which we will soon see the first results. On 9th April, Honest Jon’s will release their album, The Marble Downs”. At some point during the coming weeks, there will also be an EP, entitled “ Dutchess”, featuring four songs from the same recording sessions, including the Scott Walker cover that gives the record its title. It also features four more songs, with a cappella versions of Muldoon’s Picnic, on which Oldham doesn't participate.

In other news, Domino will put out “Will Oldham On Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy” on 5th May, a book collecting the conversations between Oldham and his musical collaborator Alan Licht. The talks focus on the highly individual nature of his song-writing process, which feeds off intimacy, community, mystery and spontaneity.

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