Bladen County Records Presents Onuinu’s Debut

"Mirror Gazer" will be out on 11th September

Danceable, encouraging, happy pop with a heavy dose of melody. That is how Onuinu, the musical alias of young Dorian Duvall, sounds in "Happy Home" (watch the video below). It’s the first single from "Mirror Gazer", a collection of nine songs that will be his debut release for Bladen County Records. The label issued this statement regarding the release, which will go on sale this coming 11th September (you have the list of songs and the design of the cover art on the right).

While Duvall was recording what will be his first work, he had the honour of sharing the stage with YACHT; which meant he started attracting members for his fan club. Onuinu will be touring in North America this summer and autumn, so we’ll have to wait to see him over here in Europe. Bookers, take a post-it and make yourself a note.


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