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Björk   “Biophilia”

Only a few days are left until the mysteries of “Biophilia” will be unveiled. On 30th June, the Manchester International Festival will feature the first of six concerts that mark the beginning of a new era in the career of the restless Björk, and while we’re waiting for One Little Indian to announce the release date of the album, yesterday we received some good news: the ten tracks on the album will be complemented with an iPad app. The application will allow for as of yet unspecified interaction with the songs, forming a technological-musical conglomerate that promises to be pioneering. An example of its functionality can be found on “Virus”, a love story between a destructive virus and a cell. In its iPad version, the track can be reproduced as a game in which we have to stop the infection before it’s too late.

At the same time, it’s been confirmed that M/M Paris (with whom Björk has been working since 2001’s “Vespertine”) will be in charge of the artistic direction of the new era, and that Michel Gondry will once again take his place behind the camera to direct at least one of the promotional videos. Non-conformist as she is, always wanting to go one step further, Björk is about to face her biggest creative challenge to date. In a few days we’ll be able to answer any question you might have about that much-awaited “Biophilia”.

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