Ben Klock Mixes Fabric 66

Burial, Alva Noto, Octave One and DJ Bone, among those chosen by the Berliner

Ben Klock, one of the major banners of Berlin techno from his position as in-house at Berghain, distances himself from the strictly dance-floor drive in his contribution to the series of CD-mixes from Fabric, proposing a trip that gives a much more panoramic view than his usual sessions of straightforward techno. As he himself explains “I didn't want to include any of my ‘hits’ from my sets this time. The idea is more that you have something to discover when you listen.” So the tracklist combines solid techno cuts by Planetary Assault Systems, James Ruskin and DVS1 with productions by artists who are more unusual for his sessions, such as Burial, Trevino, Alva Noto and Sagat. The mix will be available starting next week and it will be presented with two parties; the first will take place on 13th October in Berghain and the second on the 27th of the same month in Fabric.

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