Balmorhea Will Be Back With A New Album In October

A first advance track, called “Pyrakantha” can already be heard

Since Balmorhea came out with their self-titled debut in 2007, they have made it clear that their thing is a neoclassical reinterpretation of the musical legacy of their native Texas. Album after album, their sounds have involved increasingly celestial textures. And their new baby, “ Stranger”, on sale this coming 2nd October through Western Vinyl, could be no exception, although there are some nuances: according to the label, with "Stranger" they are beginning to "explore the celestial resonance in all things terrestrial ". Their basic identifying features will remain unchanged over the course of these ten new songs. However, the label warns that their sound palette has grown to include guitar loops, vibraphone, synths, steel pan, and even a ukulele, with instruments that used to play a starring role in their repertoire, like the piano and acoustic guitars, giving way to percussion and electric guitars.

If you want to get an idea of how the album might sound, you can already get a taste of it from the first advance track, titled “ Pyrakantha”.

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