Holy Balm Full-Length Debut With Not Not Fun

Listen to two advances from “It's You”

Holy Balm come from Sydney, they are a trio, and they like to refer to their sound as “avant-party”. After a couple of releases on cassette, appearances in several underground compilations, and a first 7” single, they have just joined the ranks of Not Not Fun. There they will release their debut album at the end of June. It’s called “It's You” and it is a compendium of vintage drum-machines, analogue synthesizers with a gliding sound and lethargic vocals - resulting in a funk cocktail that is as disjointed and involved as it is exotic and heady. “ Take It” and “ Holy Balm Theme”, the first two advances from the album, are proof of this. Listen to them after the jump and take a look at the artwork on the right.


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