Austra Reissue “Feel It Break” With An Extra CD

Already out on digital, the physical release will be on 26th March

Late 2011, Austra announced that they would be issuing an extended version of their “Feel It Break” (Domino, 2011), featuring a fistful of previously unreleased tracks (" Trip", " Pianix", " Believe Me" and “ Young And Adult” that also featured on the 7” of “ Beat And The Pulse”), covers (Roy Orbison's “ Crying” and Joni Mitchell's “Woodstock”) and a remix by M. Shawn Crahan (Slipknot). If MP3s aren't your thing and you insist on visiting your local record shoppe, you're in luck: Domino will release Katie Stelmanis' extended debut on double CD on 26th March.

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