New Anstam EP For Fifty Weapons

Listen to extracts from the two cuts

In the wake of “Dispel Dances” (Fifty Weapons, 2011), his well-aimed debut album, Anstam returns to Fifty Weapons with a new EP under his arm. "First Sprout EP" brings us two cuts in which Lars Stoewe’s sound is less oppressive than usual, although without losing that certain dose of alienation inherent to all of his productions. “ Intuit” is an interpretation of the rave sound in the key of psychosis, with dysfunctional melodies and rhythms on the verge of a breakdown. “ Whiskey”, on the other hand, is one of his lightest compositions to date - in which galactic pads with an arctic texture stand out, alongside arpeggio bass lines supported by slight digital manipulations. Its release is expected on the 20th April; here we leave you with extracts of both cuts.


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