Morr Music Announces The Release Of Pascal Pinon's Second Album

"Twosomeness" will be out on 18th January 2013

Morr Music has just announced the release of “Twosomeness” on 18th January, the second album by Icelandic band Pascal Pinon, produced by Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi). Once again, the effort uncovers the special connection between twin sisters Jófrídur and Asthildur, the souls of the group. It's a very special bond which, musically speaking, goes back to their childhood. The sisters say they have a photo taken in 1999, when they were 7 years old, of them having fun with a Yamaha keyboard; they've been making songs ever since.

In 2009 they independently recorded a first collection of lo-fi, shy, candid folk and pop songs, using only a cheap microphone hanging from the ceiling of the living room in the house they had rented. Now they're back with a more courageous, mature, focused and diverse second album. “Apart from their own bedroom studio, equipped with cookies and tea and keyboards and guitars and such, they don't seem to need much to create a sense of homecoming – a musical home stretch, like a movie's closing credits,” the press release reads.

As a first preview, we leave you with a trailer below, in which we can see a few moments from the recording process.

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