Alex Under

Soma announces “La Máquina de Bolas”

Seven years after placing himself at the eye of the minimal techno hurricane - with his records on Trapez or the Net28 group of labels - Madrid producer Alex Under returns with a new album, his second, this time for Scottish imprint Soma Records. The LP will be called “La Ma?quina de Bolas” and revolves, as is usual on the CMYK boss' records, around one idea. This time, all the track titles consist of the word “Bola”, alongside their corresponding number - which might lead to the conclusion that they're all variations on the same theme. We haven't heard the full album yet, but it looks like the Spaniard's sound has reached a new stage - something that could already be perceived on his recent “El Alma Del Tiempo” and his remix on the compilation “Soma Records 20 Years”. They possess a broader sound, warmer and more adventurous, than his usual clinical compositions and his typical concise rhythms. The album is slated for release on 26th March.

Alex Under - El Alma del Tiempo [Soma328] by soma


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