New Album By John Elliot (Emeralds) As Outer Space

“Akashic Record” is due out in July on Spectrum Spools

The prolific John Elliot, one third of Emeralds, picks up his Outer Space mask again in order to release Akashic Record”. Recorded over the course of a year, in collaboration with Andrew Veres, the record features contributions by several figures from the American Mid-West electronic scene, such as Philip Whiteside (Wavehead), Drew McDowall (ex Coil, now Mirror Eye), and Jeff Hatfield (Fragments). According to Spectrum Spools (the label run by Elliot himself), the album represents a turn towards “reality based compositions” and “more urgent, fractured and aggressive” forms, compared to its predecessors. “Akashic Record” will be out on 10th July.


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