Actress Trusts That “Ghettoville” Will See The Light Of Day In July

It will be the Brit’s second album in 2012

In recent months, the elusive Actress has commented more than once on his intention to release two albums over the course of 2012. Now, one month after the release of “R.I.P.” via Honest Jon's, the producer established in London confirmed in a recent interview with The Stool Pigeon that he “hopes” that “ Ghettoville” will see the light of day around the month of July. Darren Cunningham also announced plans to reactivate his label Werk Discs, whose last releases date back to the final quarter of 2010. Regarding this return to action, details are scarce. Cunningham only comments that his coming releases involve “a young lad from Wolverhampton who’s gonna be doing something, and a girl in Athens we’re gonna be doing something with”.

When asked about the reasons behind the halt at Werk, Cunningham explained that after five years of managing the label at the same time as making music: “it just felt like the right time just to give it a breather and see what’s going on, see where people’s heads are at . . . And in that period of time music’s actually changed quite a lot, you’ve got labels like Tri Angle, Hippos In Tanks . . . It’s interesting when you take step back to view the scene as a whole, and how things are moving. You learn a few lessons” .

Actress - Hubble


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