Actress Reveals The Details On “R.I.P.”

The album will be out on 20th April

Since the start of this year, Actress has been releasing bits and pieces of information on “R.I.P.”; yesterday he finally lifted the veil completely. His second album for Honest Jons will be released on 20th April, almost two years after the acclaimed “Splazsh” (Honest Jon's, 2010). Apparently, the LP is inspired in part by Paradise Lost, the monumental epic 17th century poem by John Milton, and by The Music Of The Spheres, the book by Jamie James, in which the writer talks about the relation between natural order (the structure and processes of nature seen from a mathematical viewpoint), science and music.

The words of Darren J. Cunningham himself don't make things much clearer: “I can't explain how I made those tracks, it's just impossible. It's like painting with button and sliders... Melting and dripping, seeping yourself liquid into the machinery.”

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