AU And Their Live Album

“Both Lights”, due out on 2nd April

AU, the Portland duo formed by Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka, have their third album, “Both Lights” ready for release. The Leaf Label will put it out there on 2nd April ( Hometapes will do the same in North America, one day later). Word has it it's an album about time, or rather, how they've lived during the three years between the release of the “Versions” EP and 2012: the calm, the pause, the reflection against the pressure of the indie machine. According to the press note, the album is “an exaltation, an exhalation, a monument of extreme composition, the child of collaboration and isolation, a preamble to a wild live show, a statue intact in the violent wind of art and commerce, and, simply, a record about love.” Or, as Wyland says it: “It’s the topography of me.”

You can start working up an appetite for the album with the live recording of their new single, “ Solid Gold”, done by the twosome for the series 'Into The Woods'. They asked Holland Andrews (vocals), Reed Wallsmith (sax), Nick Sweet (trombone) and Dan Duval (guitar) to join them for the occasion.


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