Mixtape for New Year?s Eve

M.I.A.  Mixtape

You only have to remember the media attention she generated this year to realise just how intense 2010 has been for Maya Arulpragasam. Articles in which her words were supposedly twisted with the goal of slandering her; acts of vengeance that seemed like schoolyard score settlements; viral marketing campaigns of dubious taste; videos that were as acclaimed as they were controversial (especially the one for “Born Free”, widely criticised for its explicit violence); more than one unfortunate concert; reviews of her new work that oscillated between praise and sheer disdain. And in the middle of all that, one of her old allies was badmouthing her. So it’s only normal that, when announcing her new mixtape, M.I.A. uses expressions like “layin bad minds to rest 2010!”. A new year, a new life. For now, we only know its title, “Vicky Leekz” , and the tentative release date of New Year’s Eve. Bells and rhymes made by M.I.A

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