The Hirschberg Crusade

M.I.A. Ryan McGinleyThe soap opera of M.I.A. vs. Lynn Hirschberg adds another episode. Maya has not fulfilled her promise to publish the un-edited, full version of her conversations with Hirschberg, which are the basis of the polemic profile printed at The New York Times Magazine early last week. Instead of a recording or transcript of their meetings, M.I.A. has uploaded to her label N.E.E.T. site two brief audio segments (short of 20 seconds) with which she tries to present evidence of the twisted practices by the interviewer. On top of those two audio clips and links to several New York Times articles written about the Sri Lanka armed conflict, Maya has uploaded a belligerent track about Hirschberg. The song, titled “ I'm A Singer”, uses the track “ Hater” by Various Productions as a base for her phrases. You can listen the audio clips and song at the end of t his thread. Photography by Ryan McGinley.


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