Six cuts for Tri Angle

oOoOOA scene up to not so long ago only visible in the form of digital soundfiles, limited edition audio cassettes or split 7” singles, the so-called witch-house scene is starting to become known through more common channels. After their split single with White Ring (released last March by Disaro), the sonic esotericism of californian Christopher Dexter Greenspan aka oOoOO will soon be available in the form of a self-titled EP. The Tri Angle label –one of the driving force behind the new "drag house" aesthetics, and new Kompakt Records offshoot- will be in charge of doing so on September 27th. Have a look at the cover below, and be careful what you dream of until then. OooOO - “oOoOO”01. Mumbai 02. Burnout Eyess 03. Sedsumting 04. Hearts 05. Plains Is Hot 06. Burnout Eyes (Visions of Trees Remix)oOoOO - Hearts oOoOO - Sedsumting


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