An imminent presentation

iamamiwhoamiToday is the day, or rather tomorrow, 16th November, because of just one minute. At the beginning of October, this simple website announced that at 12:01 AM tomorrow, iamamiwhoami—that group of people led by Swedish Jonna Lee , who since December 2009 have been displaying their game of mirrors, appearances and misunderstanding through their YouTube channel, would finally be playing live.

Back then, iamamiwhoami encouraged people to appoint a “popular representative” that would participate in a show about which nothing is yet known. Just visit the project’s page on YouTube and you’ll see that person has actually been hired, has received the appropriate instructions and is right now waiting in a hotel room in some unknown city for everything to be finally revealed. Whatever that is, it’ll take place tonight at 12:01 AM. If you’re up for their game, click here tonight.


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