Announce their first concert ever

iamamiwhoamiIt seems like, finally, the enigmatic people—well, not that enigmatic anymore, actually— responsible for that series of viral videos and their corresponding songs by the ambiguous name of iamamiwhoami are willing to unmask themselves for the first time. After several quiet weeks, the YouTube profile of the iamamiwhoami project features a new video (available below) which, as if it were a classic bulleting board, seeks a “volunteer” for… What for? They’re not quite clear about it, although according to this website, the person (chosen by popular vote on 8th October) will have something to do with the concert the band has announced for 16th November at 12:02 AM (Swedish time, we assume), in an undefined place (possibly online). If you want to be an accomplice to iamamiwhoami’s transformative powers, leave your personal information in the comments after this video.


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