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iL  apoLLo1ne3hree Error Broadcast present their latest signing. His name is iL, he comes from the great plains of Illinois and makes dislocated proto-beats (challenging the metric rules) that contain ingredients from dub, ambient, hip-hop and soul. Rather than real songs, iL produces sonic sketches, vague and off-kilter outlines that try to capture certain moods and emotions. “ apoLLo1ne3hree” is his debut album, containing seventeen tracks with a total duration of no more than twenty minutes. Seventeen experimental notes plagued with free rhythms and contrasts in textures that result in a record that’s quite demanding to listen to but also very stimulating, and most of all, it’s a personal effort. The album will be out on 21st March via Error Brodcast/Alpha Pup Digital.

iL - When She Wakes Up by Error Broadcast

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