Life after Text Adventure

d.royPathologically shy, but blessed with a special talent for bedroom pop - which has just born fresh, new fruit. Some of you might know his indie-rock profile as the boy who regularly lets his guitar roar in Dananananaykroyd; the more fortunate will know about his role as the soul of Text Adventure, the project that has been idle since the release of I Believe in Lassies ( Dearstereofan, 2007) - a little minimalist gem of pastoral humour, bedroom pop wrapped in post-rock sensibilities, that walks the line between the most austere folk and hazy shoegaze. Three years after that record, the Scotsman David returns with his own album, instrumental this time and under the moniker d.roy. In his apartment in the hills of The Campsies, on the outskirts of Glasgow, Roy has recorded a dozen new songs that are less humid, situated in a space defined by pastoral folk-pop, precious post-rock in the vein of Tristeza or The Album Leaf, broken metrics à la The Sea and Cake and the Kraut sediment of Neu! The album, baptised Bird Drums, can be obtained from d.roy’s page on Bandcamp. d. roy - Bird Drums01. Bird Waves02. Indian Midi03. Superior Light04. Nerds On A Cliff05. Oh Byron Bay06. Mouse Burr From Horse's Tail07. Fax Machine08. My Love Affair With Jewellery09. Flight Path / Sun Cassette10. Breau11. I Want To Come Home12. Great Tapes


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