Unreleased Greatest Hits

dOPOn the road between their contribution to the Watergate club’s mix CD series (an exceptional one, half session and half live set and made only with original tracks, remixes by them and exclusive tracks made in collaboration with other artists for this album), the Parisian trio dOP has just released details of their first official album. In synch with their usual humorous way of going about things, this natural force of organic grooves, slinky funk and jazz-house with soul has decided to call the record “Greatest Hits”. Because it’s more than likely that the title is going to confuse people it has to be made clear that the album isn’t a compilation of already released songs: all the tracks, except two, are new and unreleased. Seuil, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Aquarius Caloni, calypso drummer Andy Narell, Raphaël Gaiotti, Damien Dassaradanayadou, french composer Emmanuel d’Orlando (contributing orchestral arrangements), or Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra are among the guests on the album, which will be released by Circus Company on 4th October.

dOP - “Greatest Hits”01. Worm Hunting 02. No More Daddy 03. 1 Gram 04. Talk Show 05. Assurance Vie 06. Happy Meal 07. L' Hopital, La Rue, La Prison 08. U R 09. Lacy Lad 10. Love Ride 11. New York 12. Final Dive 13. 3 Suitcases 14. Deaf Wagrant


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