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Mosaic ? Volume 1

dBridgeLondoner Darren White (a.k.a. dBridge, ex-Band Company) has been, along with Instra:mental and ASC, part of the scouting party sent out from the drum’n’bass scene whose attention with time has focused on post-dubstep spaces, replacing rolling beats and omnipresent bass lines for elements and sounds of the most minimal and liquidy techno, complex IDM, dubstep and even electronic pop. Apart from producing, dBridge is also head of Exit Records, a label dedicated to releasing the most atypical and experimental drum’n’bass. And as fresh waves wash up on these rhythmic sands they drag more people with them every time, because, according to dBridge, it’s been the abundance of interesting material available that has obligated him to release a collective album, as the best way to get good music out there. The result of this effort is “Mosaic – Volume 1”, a double compilation album with tracks that range from dubstep to dubtec and that new, reduced and evolved drum’n’bass from the hands of Scuba, ASC, Distance, Commix, Skream, Genotype and dBridge himself.

“Mosaic – Volume 1” will be on stores on january 31st, and as an appetizer there will be two 12” that will be released on december 13th and 17th.

Var.- Mosaic – Volume 1 CD 101. Scuba – In_2 02. Stray – Pushed 03. Distance – Fading 04. dBridge – Forgot What I Needed to Forget 05. Synkro – Open Arms 06. dBridge – Rendezvous 07. Dan Harbanham – Nu Este Roze 08. dBridge – Decayed 09. Consequence – Splinter 10. ASC – Modular Concepts 11. Croms – Invisible Cities

CD 201. Commix – City Section 02. Indigo – Time 03. Mode – Stepping Stones 04. Instra:mental – Scene 3 05. Skeptical – Another World 06. Skream – Motorway 07. Genotype – Further Searching 08. Code 3 – Chasm 09. Abstract Elements – Essence of Time 10. System – Observation Point 11. Loxy & Resound – Vertigo

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