Foam on the waves of space-time

a.d.l.r.The young label Non Projects keeps offering up new talents from the LA scene. The turn towards folk and chamber pop they made with their third release, by harpist Ana Caravelle, showed that the imprint doesn’t care for labels and tags but more for their artists’ personalities. The next artist on their list fits that same stylistically-vague profile. Under the moniker a.d.l.r., Nicholas Morera delivers blurred pieces which, like a collage, combine elements of drone noise, synthetic ambient, abstract IDM beats and retro-futurist electronica. All that, without worrying too much about song structures. Non Projects will release his first album on 11th January, on cassette (limited edition of 100 copies) and download. You can pre-order your physical copy here.

a.d.l.r. - Personal Grids

a.d.l.r. - Foam on the Waves of Space-Time (preview minimix)


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