New adventures by Sasha Grey


The musical project led by pornographic actress come pop icon Sasha Grey has two new releases ready on Pendu Sounds Recordings. They’re two compilations of rarities and discarded tracks recorded during the sessions for the three efforts released previously by aTelecine. The titles of the two releases, “A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase 2)” and “A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase 3)”, indicate that they should be seen as a conclusive appendix to their debut album. As the New York label confirms, the songs sonically explain away the lineage and create a bridge to the new sounds and ideas forged in an upcoming trilogy of LPs to be released later this year on Pendu Sound Recordings some time this year, with the titles “(I.) The Falcon and the Pod”, “(II.) Sounds that Gods Fear” and “(III.) Are you Attracted to Wounded Animals”. Of those upcoming albums, we can, for now, only give you a short teaser in the form of a video (after the jump). The two new volumes of the “A Cassette Tape Culture” series will be available from today. Two generous portions of proto-industrial digressions, sound collages and explorations on the borders of dark ambient and noise. aTelecine - Water (Tape Mix) - from A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two) [Pendu Sound Recordings] by +|> P3NdV P3NdV

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