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New info on the debut album

Youth Lagoon – “The Year of Hibernation” Trevor Powers, the soul of Youth Lagoon, has a new label (or labels, actually) for his debut album, “The Year Of Hibernation”. The record will be out on 27th September on Fat Possum (North America) and Lefse (Europe); both important labels in the present indie constellation. Lefse has just revealed more details, including the sleeve art and the track list. On “The Year Of Hibernation” there's room for eight tracks – however, there could have been ten, as if you pre-order the album on Lefse here, you'll get two extra tracks. If you purchase the CD, you'll get a download code for “Bobby” and “Ghost To Me”, whilst the vinyl buyers will receive an extra 7” featuring the two tracks.

In regards to his album, Powers states: “Youth Lagoon isn’t me. It’s merely a part of me. I was in and out of different bands in high school and always tried to define myself by what music I played. I tried to find a sense of meaning by being in a band. But it wasn’t until this last year - when I realized I was more than just music - that I was able to create music that means something to me. And that is Youth Lagoon.” In 2010, he started writing an album about things he finds it difficult to talk about. Entering his musical universe is like reading his personal diary. “I don’t think I could ever write a completely happy album. It’s not that I’m not a happy person, but I just have too many things in my mind that haunt me.” The label declares that his voice is between unnerving and nostalgic, whilst his music is dreamy. Hear for yourself with this new advance track, “July”.
July by Youth Lagoon

Montana by Youth Lagoon

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