Young Galaxy

Shapeshifting and mindshifting

Young GalaxyIt’s been almost five years since Stephen Ramsay, the guitarist of Stars, decided to leave the band to found, with Catherine McCandless (his partner), a project through which they could give free reign to their musical inclinations. The debut, self-titled album by Young Galaxy lingered in indie-rock territory, in its most emotional and dramatic corner. Now they’re back and, judging by the first single taken from their upcoming album, it seems their world has changed significantly since that first release.

The band’s new electronic interests were first put on display three years ago when Henning Fürst (from The Tough Alliance) made a remix of “Queen Drum”, one of the tracks from Young Galaxy’s second album. This is further informed by the electronic pop and Balearic disco of the Canadian’s third album, “Shapeshifting”. The Swede Dan Lissvik from Studio has produced the album. During nine months at his studio in Gothenburg, he “ curved and refashioned these tracks; he made and remade them. The finished album is a thing of cold reverb, hot drums and synth." Bands like New Order, The Knife and Eurythmics are cited as new referents for a reinvented Young Galaxy, who have apparently swapped their guitars for keyboards.

The album will hit stores on 8th February Paper Bag.

Young Galaxy - “Shapeshifting” 01. Nth 02. The Angels Are Surely Weeping 03. Blown Minded 04. We Have Everything 05. For Dear Life 06. Peripheral Visionaries 07. High and Goodbye 08. Phantoms 09. Cover Your Tracks 10. B.S.E. 11. Shapeshifting

Young Galaxy 'Peripheral Visionaries' by paperbagrecords

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