Public Strain

Women  Public Strain Chad VanGaalen, who back in May told us of his intentions to work with a range of different musical styles across a series of albums, has produced the second album by fellow Canadian band Women. VanGaalen produced their eponymous debut album, “Women” (Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar, 2008), in the same basement where the new album, “Public Strains”, was recorded. The eleven track collection is a meeting point for experimental post-punk and fearless pop, and will be available on 23rd August (a week later in North America, through Jagjaguwar). Chris Reimer, one of the guitarists from the band, says: “It's definitely a different feeling album, and I'd say it's a bit heavier in a way.”

Women - “Public Strain” 01. Can't You See 02. Heat Distraction 03. Narrow With the Hall 04. Penal Colony 05. Bells 06. China Steps 07. Untogether 08. Drag Open 09. Locust Valley 10.Venice Lockjaw 11. Eyesore


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