New EP and collaboration with Diplo

Wiley - “100% Publishing”

The godfather of grime is on fire. Over the past few months, Wiley has shown an admirable work ethic. This spring alone he has released several independent singles (some with videos), and on the eve of the release of “100% Publishing”, his new album for Big Dada, Eskiboy is already announcing new records and collaborations. There’s no official release date yet (it will be some time at the end of summer, also on Big Dada), but Wiley has revealed that his next release will be an EP, tentatively titled “Evolve Or Be Extinct”, which will feature, among other things, a track produced in collaboration with Diplo. It’s called “Cookie Pie” and it’s the result of a recent encounter between the two in Jamaica. Apparently, Eskiboy’s latest trip to the West Indies wasn’t for pleasure so much as for work. Though it hasn’t been confirmed officially, word has it that Wiley will feature on Major Lazer’s second album. As soon as the track comes online, we’ll bring it to you.

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