Eskiboy se regala, vía Twitter

True to his reputation as a temperamental and unpredictable yet inspired MC -for all his changeable moods he is always prolific in terms of his rhymed beats- Londoner Richard Kyle Cowie, known in the gossip and grime of urban pop as Wiley, has decided to give away more than... two hundred songs! Since yesterday afternoon, and as recently as an hour ago, the Godfather of Grime has been posting direct download links on Twitter for up to ten (it seems that there could still be more) zip folders full of original material, most unpublished. Those of you who don’t like the idea of spending a few minutes of your time browsing the Twitter search function will be happy to know that the Grime Forum are collecting all threads for the downloads. Head over there now, and you will find the first nine folders provided by Wiley. The latest (the tenth) can be downloaded here.

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